Wasps and Bees
This is a picture of a wasps and bees.

If you have seen Bee Movie, you would be forgiven for thinking that we should never get rid of bees and wasps ever! They are adorable and they make honey taste beautiful and sweet. Besides, they don’t bother anyone, just floating around doing their own stuff. By stuff - we mean pollinating flowers, making sure that local ecosystems work. However, bees, along with their evil cousin, the wasp can cause a lot of problems as well. On this service page we want to explain why you might need our service like ticks and fleas and how to get the ball rolling. Keep on reading to find out more.


The benefit that wasps give to the natural environment is real but it is nothing compared to the benefit of bees. Therefore, when disposing of wasp nests, we think that there is a little bit more leeway in the recourse that we can take. It is not a nice thing to discover a wasp nest in or around your house because it all but makes that part of the house blocked off until the problem is fixed. That is unless you have enough bravery and courage to get the situation fixed on your own. The only problem is, you will emerge with a few battle scars along the way. You have our blessing, just know that we can do it in twice the time and with zero injury!


It seems like bees are constantly in the news at the moment. In the UK, David Attenborough did a large documentary about them because the sad fact is - they are in decline. This could spell considerable problems for the environment in general because bees, merely through their existence, contribute so much as it is. Therefore, whilst we understand that you might not want a beehive near your home, especially if you have kids, we are not in a position to kill them or to exterminate their colony. Instead, we will come in and transfer them to a place that is better for everyone. We find that our customers are very pleased with this kind of outcome.

Our Process

The process we follow is similar with all of our service pages. It begins with a phone call. After you have been in touch with us and explained the situation as best you can, we will decide if we need to come and see if for ourselves before making judgments on how long it will take and what the price is likely to be. But after that, we are in a position to send you over proposals and for you to have a look at them and sign them off. Once all of this is done, we can do what we do best and get to work!

Our Passion

When deciding who to call, please remember that it is our passion to do jobs like this. Everyday, we treat it with special interest and we make sure that it is the right job for you. We have built a reputation on this and we think you will be wanting to recommend us to people you know once we are done.

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