Ticks and Fleas
This is a picture of a ticks and fleas.

It is funny how these things seem to come in twos, right? It is probably something to do with the process of evolution that Darwin popularised in mainstream science a few centuries ago. Well, we think so anyway. For example - humans used to exist in iterations. We are the result of in fighting and of one strain of the species emerging above all others. However, once upon a time, we had to share the land with creatures very, very similar to us! Suddenly, ticks and fleas in a cohabitation situation don’t seem like such an odd pairing. That is, unless they are sharing a space with you as well.


Sooner or later it was going to be mentioned. We knew that you could feel it coming. However, it has to be said that to perform a proper tick and flea removal job, the source needs to be dealt with. If the source is one of your beloved pets, then unfortunately, we will have to make sure that they are no longer a host entity. This makes sense - imagine if we spent loads of time disinfecting your entire house only to leave you with the hose walking about and reinfecting all of it - you wouldn’t be happy and neither would we!

Our Process

Our process is twofold. Firstly, we make sure that the pets in the house are looked after. We might have to reduce their hair to do this, but thankfully, hair grows back. After that it is a question of disinfecting and we will do this in a way that the pets actually enjoy rather than feeling like it is a problem. We can show you great examples of this and we will work hard to put your mind at ease. Once we have finished your pet will no longer be a host and they will be able to roam freely without worrying about the harm they will do.

The Rest

The rest of the house needs to be disinfected as well, however, and we are the people to do this. We will attack any kind of place where ticks , fleas and bed bugs are likely to gather - carpets, curtains, any kind of thick and dense material. Here, we are experts and we will leave you with a place that looks spick and span as well as having little to know issue with fleas and ticks any more. Sound good? We thought so - that is why we have set up this business: to leave you without a problem instead of with one.

The Way it Works

It all starts out with a phone call or some kind of communication. Then, we can organise a free inspection if you want us to - we will then discuss prices and time frames and give you a report to agree with. Afterwards, we will come around at a time that is convenient for you and do a job that will leave you smiling at the end of the day. Get in touch!

Fort Lauderdale, FL