This is a picture of a rodents.

We have all seen the film Ratatouille, right? If not, here is a quick breakdown. The rats, who have to flee a home somewhere near Paris, find themselves on a sewer journey where one unfortunate soul finds himself abandoned from the rest of the group. This rat, “Remy,” then makes his way into the restaurant business of Paris and becomes a top chef, winning critical praise for this gastronomic touch. How does he do it? By sitting on the head of a trainee chef and pulling his hair in the manner we tug at a horse’s reins, making them change direction and shift their focus. It is a fun film and you emerge from it with a new found fondness of rat kind.

In Reality…

This fondness for rats lasts up until a very specific point in time. That point in time is when you see one again. For some reason, as humans, most of us are hardwired to have a deep-seated disdain for these creatures. It is not that they are particular scavengers, it is not that they don’t do a good job of staying away from us. It is something in their DNA, in the way our two species seem to feel a common weariness towards the other. That, coupled with the fact that they are well known carriers of filth and disease, means that you need to control a rat situation and wasps and bees as soon as you can.


By “as soon as you can” we mean that it needs to get fixed immediately. Why? Because rats are prolific breeders. If you want to get a taste of this, just go online and type in rat escape or rat release to see the sheer volume of the creatures that can sometimes burst from their hiding places when pest control comes knocking on the door. Therefore, if you are sure that you do not want to harbour rats in your home or building, and you have noticed their presence, make sure that you kick them out as soon as you possibly can. We are ready to jump to and help you with that! Give us a call today!

Humane or Quick

The choice is yours. We have a range of techniques to get rid of a rat or rodent infestation in your home or building. Some people would just prefer for the job to get done quickly and efficiently, whereas others prefer using certain methods that are designed to maximise humanity and to minimize the brutality of the method. Put simply - humans are superior to rodents and we will always be able to rid you of an infestation, but the manner of the job really depends on you, on your preferences, on your principles, and on the situation you have found yourself in.

Call Us!

We are very well-known for having great customer service skills. That means that when you try to get in touch with us, you will be met with a good tone from start to finish. This means that we will listen to you and find solutions - nothing more, nothing less.

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