Other Pests
This is a picture of an other pests.

When we use the word pest - we are not normally referring to the pets that we share our homes with. This is because we love our pets. In some senses they are guests, because we have invited them in to share our space with us. Often, they feel like family members and therefore, we would never want to refer to them as pests. However, just because an animal is warm and fuzzy - it doesn’t mean that it is a pet. Just because it is in our home, it doesn’t mean that we have invited it in. We like to refer to this particular section of the animal kingdom as “other pests.”


There are many different types of pests that differ from the standard, run of the mill sort. For example, there are larger scavengers, who are after a meal and if they manage to slip through into your home, they will stay there and cause havoc. They are wild animals after all. Or, you have those unfortunate types that don’t intend to be there. For example - birds. It is very rare that a bird will enjoy being trapped in your home. They are more likely to kill themselves flying into windows to try and escape. Therefore, not all “other pests” can be lumped into the same category.

Our Process

Therefore, our process differs a lot depending on what the situation is. We will have to discover which animal it is that has infiltrated your home before we can devise a plan to get rid of it. The situation changes again if it is more than one animal in a pack who have tried to make a nest out of your lovely house. Basically, whatever the situation is, there are often different variables to consider. Especially because each house is different and each place requires a different kind of planning to make sure that an efficient job gets done. The best thing to do is to get in touch.


However, never fear! Our team of highly trained experts have seen it all. From racoons to foxes and from stray dogs to crows, we really have seen it all. Therefore, no matter how bizarre, you know that you can call us to make sure that you have a person on your side who is able to do a comprehensive job no matter what is put in front of them. We are those people and we have made sure that our reputation stays intact for this long - choose us! You won’t regret it.

Humane Methods

Generally, we like to leave the choice of method up to our customers. This is because we believe that our customers have the right to decide exactly how pests are dealt with. Whether you want it to be quick and comprehensive or more humane, slower and with a consideration of different options like relocation and shelter packages… the choice is yours! Here, we value the customer’s point of view above all else and we are happy to do whatever is best for you. Find out much more details about us.

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