Bed Bugs
This is a picture of a bed bugs.

Have you ever heard people say that they are more scared by something that they can’t see than by something that they are able to see very clearly? Well, we think that whilst ghosts are not the thing that most scares people, bed bugs certainly are. But you probably won’t agree with this until you are confronted by them. Everybody has a story about bed bugs from someone they know, however, until you have experienced it for yourself, you can’t truly understand the kind of hassle and disruption that they cause. It is a kind of torture for some people and therefore, the most important thing is to… get it fixed! As soon as you can!

What Happens?

Well, you might not feel it straight away - probably the case will be that you will wake up with some itchy parts of your body and some red marks, wondering what on earth happened. Then, after a good while scratching you will probably ask someone or google what the problem is. When they say the answer - bed bugs - you might not believe them. After all - how would they have got there? Well, it turns out that there are a number of reasons why bed bugs may have found their way to your bed… but all that really matters at the end of the day is that they are gone.

At Night

At the end of the day is the pertinent phrase here. Why? Because the next time you climb into bed, looking forward to a good night’s sleep before the next day of work that waits for you, you will probably want to try to avoid thinking about the small creepy crawlers that could be hiding there. With the lights off and whilst you are just about the drift off - you might feel it. A little nip of a slight bit of movement. Try sleeping after that - it is touch and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone. That is why we have set up this service helping people in this situation.

What We Can Do

For minor cases, we might be able to resort to a vacuum job or a thorough clean with proper, industrial disinfectants that are sure to do the trick. However, if there is a case of bed bugs that is a little but further down the line, then we will make sure they are gone by either getting rid of the mattress and the sheets, or by taking the entire bed apart and bringing it into a space where it can be properly disinfected. By properly, we mean that they only thing living on your bed ever again will be you.

Clean Up!

Of course, this might not get rid of the source. Therefore, as part of our service we make sure that we have done a thorough sweep of the house, making sure that everything is vacuumed and disinfected so that the little blighters won’t come back any time soon. Get in touch with us today for other pests !

Fort Lauderdale, FL