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Our team all have vivid memories from childhood about having to deal with all manner of pests at one point or another. Traditionally, throughout history, there have been some staple ways to deal with pests. These have ranged with leaving a drop of something lethal on a piece of emmental cheese in a metal trap - an image borrowed straight from Tom and Jerry, to the classic scene of a women screaming and standing somewhere high up whilst the man has to get a cup and a book to trap a tiny little spider before setting is free via a window or door before returning as the conquering hero.

Fortunately, neither of these images are a good reflection of reality - they are outdated modes that have been perpetuated by iconography that bears no resemblance to real life. The real ways are much more comprehensive, much more humane (often) and they are far more gender neutral. Our fantastic team of men and women are well versed in these techniques - the ones that are cost-effective and usable, and we would love to give you a helping hand using the knowledge that we have gleaned. Therefore, get in touch today and and we can start a great business relationship together. It is our pleasure to be able to share our services with the good folks here in the community and we can’t wait for our name to spread sufficiently to generate more great projects. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future. Contact us today for more info.

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