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Here in Lauderdale, we are there to fight against the encroachment of pests and creepy crawlies. Think of us like the ghostbusters - except we are real. Our team is committed to making sure that your lives stay pest free as much as is physically possible. We have been doing this for long enough to have grown a great local reputation to work with. People trust us and now we are looking to expand our customer base with this website. Please feel free to have a read through and to contact us when you are ready to book our services or if you have any questions.

Our team having been doing this for long enough to understand the best way to generate a great local reputation. It is not about driving up profits, it is not about pushing down prices… in fact, it is nothing to do with economics. It is to do with the consistency of your product. Everytime we go out for a day of work, we know that the job we do will translate into our reputation before we know it. Therefore, we are geared towards making our customers happy and pest free every time.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The services that we offer are based around the animals that we are getting rid of. Whichever context we are working in, will determine the kind of pest control work that we are going to be undertaking. Therefore, we are happy to lay them out here for you to have a read through now. It is our pleasure to offer these great services to you and we look forward to hearing from you about them - questions or bookings - whatever you have in mind!

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Termites & Ants

These little pesky ones are easy to deal with but it requires a professional touch. When you have termites or ants encroaching on your personal space, it can be a bit alarming. Especially if it is not something you have had to confront before. However, we understand the problem and we are well equipped to deal with it. Therefore, when you need a pest control/ ant control job done, look no further than us! Pest and termite control are affordable and quick.

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Rat control needed! Apart from Ratatouille characters, rodents are normally not people’s favorite things in the world. However, they grow in large numbers and they are persistent in keeping their homes when they have settled. Therefore, it will take more than just a swift broom handle to get rid of them. We can help you there with our rodent control services - we can redirect them to a place where everything will be better for all parties involved.

"I have used Prime Pest Control Fort Lauderdale services, they have given me termite treatment, termite inspection, bug control and insect control and it has all worked. They are a company I would recommend without hesitation.” - John Ant.

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Bed Bugs

This is often the least favorite of all the insect and animal infiltrations. Why? Because your bed is where you should feel most comfortable. When the bed bugs hit, therefore, it is something that you need to get sorted as quickly as possible. This is a point where we can be really helpful. We have the best tools, the best advice and the best attitude to get the job done. Our bed bug exterminator service always works.

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Ticks & Fleas

Ticks and fleas are a fact of life that is not just a preserve of humans. Other animals feel the pain as well and they might be acting as a trojan horse of sorts enabling the ticks and fleas to get a grip on the carpets of your home. In these cases, they need to be dealt with in a way that will not give them the opportunity to return. We have the expertise to achieve this and we look forward to helping you out.

“It is never a good day to discover rats and scorpions in the yard. These guys helped us out with their scorpion pest control service and their rat exterminator work as well. Their mice control is something I would like to try next as well as their fly control.” - Rodney R. 

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Wasps & Bees

Often, bees are great for the environment. Wasps, too, have their benefits for the ecosystem. However, if you have a hive in the roof or the walls, it can make that part of your home pretty much unlivable. Wasp nest removal is a tricky business and therefore, for obvious reasons, this needs to be dealt with by professionals, unless you want a good deal of pain without much return. We can help you there.

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Other Pests

Whilst pets are often the heart of our homes, they can sometimes prove to be a little bit difficult to deal with on your own. For many different reasons, it may be prudent to bring in the professionals at this juncture. We are happy to oblige and we are excited to be able to give you a helping hand. Home pest control never felt easier! We operate organic pest control as well.

“Cockroach control has always been a problem in our family. We are fine with flea removal and spider control (despite the initial scream!) but this, along with wasp control is a bit more if an issue. I will tell my friend about Prime Pest Control Fort Lauderdale, definitely recommend. ” - Ricky R.


It is very easy to contact us here. You can do so over the phone, via email or in person. All of our contact details can be found right here on this website and we are very much looking forward to hearing from you. Whether you have a question, a proposal, a solution to a problem that you want to run past us or any other kind of query, we are the ones to call. It is something that we are well versed in - customer service skills - and you will feel the difference upon getting in touch with us.